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SCADA and Its Application in Electrical Power Systems

In this Blog, we will learn about SCADA and Application of SCADA in Electrical Power Systems.  In the early times when electric power systems began developing, electricity generation shops were only associated with their respective Sector separate original loads. If anything failed in the whole linearly connected system, However, which could include subsystems like generating factory, power lines, connections, then the […]

Importance of HMI Software in Industrial Automation

In the Industrial Automation field, we just need different types of industrial machinery and spare parts. We are very much familiar with the name of HMI (Human Machine Interface). In this blog, we will learn what is HMI. Likewise, How it works and the benefits of using HMI Software in Industrial Automation. HMI Software uses […]

What is IPC and why its use in industrial sector

Do you know about IPC? This blog will help you to know about IPC and the Importance of IPC in the Industrial Sector. IPC stands for Industrial PC. When we think about an IPC or Industrial PC, we visualize a desktop computer in front of our eyes. But there are many PCs that have their […]