Electronics and Electrical Industrial parts repair, PLC repair, HMI Repair, HMI Touch not working Repair, VFD-Inverter Repair, Industrial machine Circuit Board Repair, Machinery Electronic card Repair

BD ENGINEERING is the Best Electronics parts Repair Service Center in Bangladesh. Our technical service laboratory is well equipped with service technicians to service your industrial electronic card and circuit repair. Since our technicians regularly repair Programmable Logic controller (PLC), VFD- Inverter, Frequency Inverter, Human Machine Interface-HIM, Industrial machinery control circuit, and a variety of other machinery electronic equipment. we are trying to best service and quick delivery as a priority your machinery product. Also urgent support in your factory/industry repair and programming support. Please contact us if you would like to address your requirements.

Mejor area of Services:

  • PLC Programmable Logic Repair & programming
  • HMI-Human Machine Interface Display repair services
  • Display Touch Repair
  • Inverter-vfd Repair
  • Power Supply- SMPS Repair
  • Servo Driver Trableshooting and Maitenance
  • Input/Output Card repair service
  • Electronics Card Repair
  • Process Control Equipment
  • Circuit Board Maintenance
Our service support of siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Breadley, Lenze, Keb, LS, Mitsubishi Electric, Delta, INVT, Yaskawa, Danfoss and omron all kind of industrial mahinery parts and service support available.


Best engineering repair service

Our engineer can understand your problem. Sometimes a machine fully stops for a few parts. Our engineers try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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  • What is the advantage of repair service?
    > Time Save and increased the production/ productivity
    > Money save then-new product purchase
    > Quick service support and machine run immediately
    > Don’t need to wait for the import purchase/buy
    > Power Supply repair/ VFD-Inverter Repair/ PLC Repair/ Machine Control Card Repair

BD ENGINEERING has a team of professional electronic Technicians/engineers, who are more experienced in inverter-Drive-PLC repairs of all types including:
Programmable Logic Controller- PLC repair

  • Human Machine Interface -HMI Repair, HMI Touch Repair
  • Control card Repair Maintenance
  • VFD- Inverter Repair
  • SMPS- Power Supply Repair
  • AC Servo Drive-Repair
  • AC/DC Drives Repair
  • IO Control cards Repair, Electronic Repair
  • Process control equipment, Circuit Board Repair
  • Electronic Circuit Board Repair Service Center at Bangladesh
  • Repairable Brands Siemens, Delta, Denfoss, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, ABB, Lenze, LS Omron, , Fuji, and many more.

Why you choose us ?

We are proud we are one of the nation’s oldest and most reliable PLC repair, HMI repair, VFD-Inverter repair Maintenance Service, servo drive-motor repair, servo valve repair companies in Bangladesh. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience. Our Engineers are well skilled and can provide you international quality service. Our engineers also provide you with the PLC UNLOCK PASSWORD service.

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Industrial engineering repair service

If you want the best Industrial engineering repair service then we can help you. Our engineers can give you international quality PLC, HMI, VFD, and other parts repair services.