Welcome to the Beckhoff-Bangladesh Automation Control System
The Beckhoff-Bangladesh Automation Control System is a constantly growing reference source for Beckhoff products. It contains technical information, Analog input-output card, digital input-output cards, plc, and CPUs it higher performance in the machine operation. The Beckhoff all product very special price in Bangladesh also very good sales and service to the customer ends with experienced engineering team in Bangladesh market

Beckhoff Plc Module


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All Beckhoff analog and digital IO Card, plc, CPU with Profibus card, Industrial PC, embedded pc, servo axis drive & motor is ready stock at bd engineering ltd. To the Multi-axis servo system AX8000, Control Servo drives of series AX5000 series, The Software for drive technology in the control system, the Servo motors of series AM8100, AM8000 & AM8500, the Linear motors of series is AL2000 / AL3800, the Stepper motors series is AS2000-AS1000, the Gear of series AG1000 -AG22XX-AG2300-AG2800, the Gear of series AG3210-AG3300-AG3400, the eXtended Transport System in the special industrial controlling and high-efficiency product of machine performance

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