In conclusion, PLC means Programmable Logic Controller. Mitsubishi PLC is a Microprocessor-based device with an Input/output or circuit. However, Which has to be programmed in advance, so that’s the device after receiving input. Moreover, the program acts as logic and then according to the sequence to give the output, it’s called plc.

What to know about PLC? At first, PLC is invented by a Modicon company in the US in 1969. Which is known as the Sneider Company? Which name was Sequence Controller? The device’s success gave rise to a global industry that has expanded considerably over the past 30 years. PLCs put intelligence in machines and automated processes used in industry, infrastructure, and buildings.

As PLC controls its output through a logical program given by its programmer one must know about logic gates, basics of electronics, basics of instrumentation, and basics of the control system. On the other hand, one should have a clear idea about the process of manufacturing, input-output, types of PLC, SCADA knowledge, and so on.

How a logic and Purpose work in PLC

PLC is just hardware without a programmer’s purpose. And the purpose is what creates logic. PLC is full of the logical sequence in which many logical orders are given by the user through the input and then the logical inputs work through a process and have delivered their output. After that, The Central processing unit is the main tool for it. For example, let’s say, a room requires ventilation if it becomes too warm. Likewise, if the room becomes too cold, it doesn’t need any ventilation. If it is too warm, we open the window, and if it is too cold, we close it. So, in the PLC system, replace the window with a fan, and replace “we” with a temperature probe. Then the PLC program will look like this:

  • IF “TEMP” =>20, THEN “FAN” RUN
  • IF “TEMP” = < 20, THEN “FAN” STOP

So, the temperature is the analog temperature input and the fan is a digital fan output by using various languages like FBD or Ladder diagram.

How Programmable Logic Controller works in the automation world

As the automation industry is full of technology and instant working process there need a system that has the quality of instant decision making when the user gives any new instruction. In this situation, only the PLC system has the quality to work in a short time like in lift processing, manufacturing something, switching off and on a machine, increasing and decreasing the quantity of processing all can be done in a short time with low expenditure. PLC which is work through the CPU has executed two different programs the operating system and the control system. The operating system organizes all the functions, sequences, and process making of the CPU. It can detect the interruption, manage the memory areas, and can establish communication with a programmable device. 

FX3U-4AD-ADP Mitsubishi PLC I/O Module

On the other hand, the controller program is a combination of various function which is required to process an automated task by executing interrupts and handling errors. So, in the PLC course, one can find so many things which apply to both the BSC and diploma engineers. Bangladesh Automation Technology is allowing the Youth to learn all the methods of PLC with a good hand so when the engineers are stepping out in the industrial section, they can flourish their talent on a high scale and can make money in a short time.

Let’s have a look at these-

In all the industrial areas. However, nowadays manual work is very less, they just work to give instruction or look over the things whether everything is happening perfectly or not. In most factories tons of work is done in a day like mixing ingredients, processing, managing things, and packaging all things are done automatically. And, it becomes very easy and simple with the invention of PLC. In our day-to-day life, in every nook and corner, we largely find the importance of PLC. But most engineering student is deprived of the opportunity of learning PLC. In other words, in their student life because of the poor education system. So, PLC learning becomes a must for the student. To know about the PLC course details.

Common Component of a PLC

There are many components of PLC. There are:

  • Input Card
  • I/O IC
  • Input Sensing Device
  • CPU (Central Processing Device
  • Input/output IC
  • Drive IC
  • Relay
  • Output Card, Etc.

Brand name of PLC:

  • Siemens
  • Mitsubishi
  • Delta
  • LS
  • Omron
  • Allen Bradley
  • Schneider
  • Fatek Panasonic

Today I will discuss the Mitsubishi PLC. Nowadays Mitsubishi PLC is being used more in industry. So Mitsubishi PLC Training is very important for Automation Engineer/ Electrical Engineer/ an educated person / a technical person to do work in the industry. If you are training on a Mitsubishi PLC, Then it will be easier to work in your industry. Therefore, If you will prof your technical knowledge on Mitsubishi PLC before you have to train on that PLC.

Advantages of Mitsubishi PLC :

  • Size is small & shorter project time;
  • Less & simple wiring ;
  • Cost-effective for the complex controlling  system;
  • Reliability;
  • High response ;
  • Internal / External control capability;
  • It is easy to work for an educated person/ Engineers ;
  • Troubleshooting/maintenance is very easy ;
  • It is easy communication from PC to PLC with plants etc.

The disadvantage of Mitsubishi PLC:

  • The disadvantage of Mitsubishi PLC.
  • The circuit operation is fixed.
  • It’s a high cost in easy circuit design.
  • It is hard work for an uneducated person/ non-technical person.
  • Several extension modules must be added to maximize flexibility and performance.

Application of Mitsubishi PLC:

  • Textile
  • Spinning
  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Food Factory
  • Cement Factory
  • Home Automation
  • Industrial Automation and
  • Robots manufacturing and controlling etc.
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Opportunity and Benefits in Bangladesh Automation Technologies (BAT)

Already Bangladesh Automation Technologies (BAT) organizes many seminars and workshops. However, for those people who eagerly want to know about PLC, its usage, advantages and applications of PLC, etc. Bangladesh Automation Technologies (BAT) has a huge source of equipment. As they mainly focused on PLC, so anybody can be an expert on specialists on it. If anybody wants to PLC handle professionally, one must have the top knowledge in the PLC.

Friendly Environment:

In consultation, Bangladesh Automation Technologies has expert and experienced teachers on Programmable Logic Controller. However, it is very friendly with their trainees or students. They won’t remember any topics if you want to know one topic several times in a single class. Moreover, it repeats the topic until you understand properly the present topics. Therefore, they are very calm when they teach the students. Bangladesh Automation Technologies provides a friendly environment for its students or trainees. In other words, Bangladesh Automation Technologies give lab facility to their students. For instance, So that they can be introduced to the parts of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Human-machine Interface ( HMI ), Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD ) / Variable Frequency Inverter (VFI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Auto Cad, E-Cad, Microcontroller, etc.

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