How Does AC Servo Motor Work in Automation Industry

How Does AC Servo Motor Work

There are many people who do not have proper knowledge of servo motor and how it works exactly. So, in this case, BD Engineering always provides some solution for all kinds of people. This blog will help you to understand about AC Servo Motor and how it works in our industrial automation field. How Does […]

How to control Servo Motor position?

How to control Servo Motor position?

How to control Servo Motor position? do you know? We know that there is no substitute for servo motors in the industrial automation sector. We use a servo motor and drive for daily needs. To know the correct use of servo drives, we must have a proper understanding of some things. With the help of […]

Importance of BGA Reballing Machine

BGA Reballing Machine

BGA Reballing Machine is a machine which helps to refinish or repair printed circuit boards (PCBs) with surface-mounted devices (SMDs) and ball grid array (BGA) packaging . Moreover, Technicians can use these machine to fix broken parts, reinstall parts that places in a wrong way. Also replace any missing PCB components. PCBs with column grid […]

Industrial Automation In Bangladesh

Industrial Automation In Bangladesh

IndIndustrial Automation In Bangladesh is a very important area in the context of Bangladesh. From here we get huge amount of revenue every year. The more factories a country has, the lower our unemployment rate. Our Bangladesh has now transformed into a middle income country. Because the labor force is increasing in our country. Our […]

SCADA and Its Application in Electrical Power Systems

SCADA and Its Application in Electrical Power Systems

In this Blog, we will learn about SCADA and Application of SCADA in Electrical Power Systems.  In the early times when electric power systems began developing, electricity generation shops were only associated with their respective Sector separate original loads. If anything failed in the whole linearly connected system, However, which could include subsystems like generating factory, power lines, connections, then the […]

Importance of HMI Software in Industrial Automation

HMI Software uses in Industrial Automation

In the Industrial Automation field, we just need different types of industrial machinery and spare parts. We are very much familiar with the name of HMI (Human Machine Interface). In this blog, we will learn what is HMI. Likewise, How it works and the benefits of using HMI Software in Industrial Automation. HMI Software uses […]

What is IPC and why its use in industrial sector

Importance of IPC in Industrial Sector

Do you know about IPC? This blog will help you to know about IPC and the Importance of IPC in the Industrial Sector. IPC stands for Industrial PC. When we think about an IPC or Industrial PC, we visualize a desktop computer in front of our eyes. But there are many PCs that have their […]

The Benefits of Industrial Automation Machinery Repair Service

Benefits of Machinery Repair Service

Do you have any Machine Parts Repair Service in your Organization? Are you thinking that it is needed in automation industry? If it is important then this content will provide you the full information about where you can get the best machine parts repair service in Bangladesh. Why Do we need Automation Machinery? We are […]

HMI Programming Service Center In Bangladesh

hmi programming service center in bangladesh

Are you looking for HMI Programming Service Center in Bangladesh? We are here for you. We are the best Industrial Automation Spare Parts repair center in Bangladesh. Moreover, we also sell & import industrial automation spare parts like HMI, VFD/Inverter, Servo Motor and Drive, I/O Module, PLC, etc. In other words, we have all kinds […]

How can we use Servo Drive? And The Importance of Servo Drive.

The use of Servo Drive and the importance of Servo Drive

Do you know about the Importance of Servo Drive? If you want to learn more about Servo Drive then this article is for you. A servo drive is a remarkable electronic speaker which is used to control electric Servo Systems. Therefore, it is an essential endeavor that helps to screen the analysis signal from the […]