In conclusion, Siemens is focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. However, it is a famous German based energy technology and manufacturing company, formed in 1966. In this present time, we all are depending on automated products.Siemens automation products will complete all of your necessity. It is mostly a technology based company which focuses on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. Moreover, Siemens Basic HMI & PLC Overview in Bangladesh.

Siemens supports you to reduce your time to market through simplified engineering and simulation tools.Siemens has lots of products such as Simatic Controllers, I/O Systems, Industrial networking, Scada Softwares, Programming devices, Motion Controllers, Motor Drives. Others are PLC, HMI, Power supply, VFD and so many that we use in industrial work.

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Siemens Basic HMI & PLC Overview:

In conclusion, HMI, which stands for Human-Machine Interface. However, It is a user interface that attaches a person to a machine, system, or device. It allows a user to interchange with a device. HMI is the most commonly used in industrial process.It also gives information, data, and situational metrics of a given system to a human user operating HMI screen. There is a common misconception that falls on the comparability between SCADA systems and human machine interface systems. HMIs provide operators to start and close cycles, modify set points, and complete other functions that are essential to change and interact with a control process. As the HMI is software based, it always restores physical wires and controls with software parameters. It also supports  them to be converted and adjusted very easily. Siemens HMI available in Bangladesh


Advantages of an HMI

  • Process Quality improvement: The introduction of visualization supports drastically improved process quality with smaller applications. Moreover, HMI gives a fully new set of possibilities in monitoring and operating different types of systems and machinery.
  • Software Scalability: Its Configuration is very easy. Users can easily make visualization applications within a very short time. In conclusion, scalable software makes a way so that users can start with small solutions and enlarge them to fit as their own requirements.That means if a user wants, they could change to panels of other performance ranges or improve the number of tags by using an application.
  • Displays Resolution: It provides bigger screens with crystal-clear quality and touch screen interfaces.These are very handy and also user-friendly. People can easily monitor it and use it for their own purpose.
  • Increase Usability: The HMI has enhanced flexibility with the USB interface. It permits the connection of a keyboard, barcode scanner, and mouse. The USB interface supports data archiving on a USB drive.

PLC, which stands for Programmable Logic Controller. It is an industrial computer control system that detects the state of input devices and provides decisions according to custom programs and also controls the state of output devices. PLCs can start from small modular devices. PLCs are worked to automate industrial processes like a manufacturing plant’s assembly line, an ore processing plant, or a wastewater treatment plant. Siemens PLC available in Bangladesh.


Advantages of PLC

  1. It provides advanced technology. As we are in this era, we are leading technology based life. And for automated machinery we must need advanced technology.
  2. It also gives the system less wiring.
  3. PLC users must know that it is very compatible to use.
  4. It makes or increases the system’s reliability.
  5. More flexible to use. Customers don’t face any problem to use it because of its flexibility
  6. Very low cost or costly friendly. So different users can afford it for their task.
  7. It has very good communication capability. It can make the communication process in such an easy way so that people don’t face any problem.
  8. Faster response time. That means users can save their time also.


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