Do you know About Importance of Communication Module? The Communication Module is a module that allows the interchange of messages between modules on different types of automation systems. Actually, it connects with the message system. Besides, we know that the number of module users in the automation industry is very high. The communication module is a very popular and widely used module. Moreover, It reserved the data from that equipment in its internal memory for access by the host systems. The importance of the Communication Module in the Automation Industry can not describe in words. This module is used in a PLC as an extension. These extensions help the PLC work fast and control more things.

Importance of Communication Module in Automation Industry

Importance of Communication Module in the Automation Industry

Communication modules digitally exchange the data between different devices to increase the facilities of the automation factories. Another reason for its increasing use is that almost all automation industries now depend on the Internet of Things (IOT). Communication modules also help you to connect our SIMATIC Ident systems to SIMATIC controllers. Furthermore, it also executes on the module which is independent of the main platform processor. The use of the communication modules minimizes the province of different types of suppliers.

How it works in the Automation Industry

For making the communication module, we should start making designs from the main components of the communication module. For designing the communication module, we must confirm that it has housing. The communication or automation system can design a connection area. The positioning pin is added to the comparable receiving part of the main module.

Besides, We need to fix bolts to pass through the housing between the positioning pins. It also needs to screw the threaded part of the fixing bolt into the threaded hole of the module. At the same time, we should set the other part of the housing that is perpendicular to the connection area in the center position of the module. The main function of this part is to contain the fixing bolt passage. Therefore, the collar and the fixing bolt should be joined with each other. The collar can make a section about the fixing bolt. And a groove of the collar is agreed inside the housing along the channel. Therefore, we are also sure that the collar can change the position in the groove.


Types of Communication Module

In BD Engineering Solution, we have many types of communication modules such as Mitsubishi Communication Module, Allen Bradley Communication Module, Beckhoff Communication Module, Siemens Communication Module, etc. There are different types of communication modules that are used in the automation process in PLC. The most common modules are EtherNet/IP, Profibus, Modbus, ProfiNet, etc.

EtherNet/IP is a protocol that works under the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). It is an open application layer protocol. It is an advanced version of standard EtherNet which is useful only for home applications and commercial purposes. But not for any industrial applications.

Modbus is a protocol that uses for transmitting information over a serial line or EtherNet.

Profibus is a protocol that is similar to Modbus RTU, which also works on serial line communications. The main difference between Modbus and Profibus is owned by Siemens Automation.

As we all know about the importance of communication cable in the Automation Industry a lot, we have some more modules that we can use in our automation PLC. Like Rack or Chassis, Power Supply modules, Central Processing Units,  Interface Modules, Signal modules, Function Modules, Communication processors, and others.

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