What do you think about industrial automation? The details about the Importance of Industrial Automation in the current era are presented here. Automation is the procedure of converting the actions which are done by humans to machines. Sometimes, these types of actions are tedious, repetitious, or dangerous for human health. Industrial automation is the process of controlling systems like computers or robots, and information technologies for operating various processes and machinery. These things were done by humans before. So we can say that it is the second step after mechanization in the range of industrialization.

However, we should have proper knowledge about industrial automation to improve our workplace safety, productivity, and product quality. Now, we are talking about the Importance of Industrial Automation.

Importance of Industrial Automation

Importance of Industrial Automation

Nobody desires to be replaced by a machine. But, the reality is that companies do not have the right skills for automation. And if the idea is not used properly, it can be more dangerous.

Meanwhile, many companies accept the value of their employees. It means firing their employees, they exchange them for different kinds of roles within the company.

As we are living in modern technology, it is a fact that jobs will retire unquestionably. But people usually don’t remember that technology also creates new job opportunities that didn’t exist last 5, 10, or 15 years ago. Even, Willis Towers Watson, a human resources consulting firm, guess that more than 60% of today’s children will work in those jobs that don’t yet exist.

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Task without Automation

On the other hand, every task can not be done by automation. Such as, you will always require employees to monitor, repair, and keep up your industrial automation systems. In every industry, we work with our clients to learn what tasks are most suitable for automation.

Uniquely, when we talk about automation, many people think about a future where factories or industries are run without human workers. But, that may not be entirely true. There will always be some tasks that can only be done better by humans than machines. Likewise, we have to keep the exact balance between human works and machines. Most companies are using Cobots (collaborative robots) that work together with human workers. It is just a simple way of how Americans are changing to new workplaces and turning technological aspects.

Benefits of Industrial Automation

Workplace Safety

As a result of working long hours, People feel eye fatigue. But like humans, industrial robots and machines do not experience eye pressure or fatigue. For this reason, people are not able to work 24/7 in the most dangerous and frightening conditions of all the mill factories in the world. So the machine helps human workers to do things safely. It also allows them to engage in a variety of creative activities that further enhance their mental flexibility and problem-solving skills.

Customer Safety

We’ve talked about how automation improves our workplace safety. But are you concerned that industrial automation also enhances the safety of your customers? This is because machines are capable of producing repeatable and very high-quality results. This is especially important for companies in the medical, food, and beverage industries.

Another thing that you want is for someone not to get hurt because of a defective product that came out of your facility. Industrial automation systems give you the peace of mind that you are having a high degree of precision, accuracy, and quality control.

More About Industrial Automation

In this present time, Industrial automation has gotten more and more acceptance from different industries because of its huge benefits like increased productivity, quality, and safety at low costs. So it is said that as time goes by we all will rely on automation for better living. And our industry will be based on automation. So the more connections we all have with our industrial automation systems, the more our production and improvement will be.

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