PLC Programming Cable seller in Bangladesh

A PLC programming cable is a cable specifically designed to establish a connection between a personal computer (PC) or programming device and a programmable logic controller (PLC). It allows for data transfer and communication between the programming software running on the PC and the PLC.

SIEMENS PLC 0CB20 PLC Programming Adapter
SIEMENS PLC 0CB20 PLC Programming Adapter

There PLC programming cables come in various forms and interfaces depending on the PLC manufacturer and the specific model of the PLC. Here are some common types of PLC programming cables.


RS-232 Serial Cable: This type of cable is commonly used for older PLC models that feature an RS-232 serial communication port. The cable has a serial connector (typically a 9-pin or 25-pin D-sub connector) on one end to connect to the PC’s serial port or USB-to-serial adapter, and the other end connects to the PLC’s serial port.

USB-1761-1747-CP3 PLC Programming Cable AB
USB-1761-1747-CP3 PLC Programming Cable AB

USB Cable: Many modern PLCs now incorporate a USB port for programming and communication purposes. USB programming cables provide a direct connection between the PC’s USB port and the PLC’s USB port.


Ethernet Cable: PLCs with Ethernet capabilities can be programmed and communicated with using an Ethernet cable. The cable connects the PC’s Ethernet port to the Ethernet port on the PLC or to a network switch that the PLC is connected to.


Fieldbus Cables: Some PLCs use specific fieldbus protocols such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, or CAN bus for communication. Fieldbus cables are designed to connect the PC or programming device to the PLC through these specialized fieldbus networks.

Siemens PLC Programming Cable S7-200PLC Data Line USB-PPI
Siemens PLC Programming Cable S7-200PLC Data Line USB-PPI copy

It’s important to note that the specific programming cable required depends on the PLC manufacturer, model, and communication interface supported by the PLC.

In addition to the physical cable, software drivers may also be necessary to establish communication between the PC and the PLC. The programming software provided by the PLC manufacturer typically includes the required drivers for proper communication.